Just A Dream

My mother and creator was diligently making face masks to help people stay safe from “The Virus”. She made a lot and was somewhat overwhelmed by how many people needed her to help them. The list kept growing and growing.

Free Face Masks was the quest
My Mom’s good work

While browsing she found a Kitty Doll idea that kept her going. When making large batches of masks and needed inspiration she would go peek at this vision (see top photo).  The soft doll was not only a cute black cat but also had a coat, purse, shoes and yarn for knitting.  Oh how cute!!!

Then it happened…. there was the birth of an idea and Kitty Von Zipper was on paper.

Kitty Von Zipper Drawing

Ah the thought of making this little doll helped through out the day.  Then one lunch time a search for the materials needed happened.  She found the fabric for fur, a dress, shoes, coat & collar. The following photo shows all the basic things needed plus the supervisor Reggie.

The Dream is now on paper & has the paw print of approval.

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