I am All Ears!!!

Now that I have arms and legs it is time for my head.  Yes that cutest part of a little kitty!!  All ears and eyes to love ones human with.

Mom took the main drawing to the window and traced the head she had drawn.  From that a pattern was designed with seam allowances and enough to make me plump.

Step One of my kitty head drawn with seam allowances

The photographer took a break and before we knew it the head was cut out, sewed and turned.  Now it is time to sew the face on starting with the eyes.

Von Zipper is coming to life with eyes made with embroidery thread

Mom used those big headed pins to mark the eyes and nose spots.  She hoped that I would not be lopsided.  Once the white was all done she took black thread and made french knots.  That way I had pupils and could see what was happening.  Before I know it there will be things to see and dancing to do.

The tools of the trade used to create my face.

Got my pink nose on and now the tricky part… Whiskers.  See the dream picture being used to get them right along with a ruler to make them even

Measuring is important

Took some finessing to get it all right.

What does a kitty love? String!! My head is full of it

At last my make-up was all done.  Mom was proud of my kitty beauty.

Here I am!!!

There was happiness in the house.  Mom had forgotten her toil and sadness of making hundreds of face masks. She put me on her hand and danced me around the house.  My legs might be in the bin she keeps all  my stuff in but I was doing some fast feet and got to visit GiGi.

Here I am checking out the sewing machine
What is better than dancing around the old kitty GiGi!!

Now it is time to feed me and tubby up my ears and cheeks.

Stuffing makes my cheeks and ears fill out.

I am now not just a flat drawing but a nice puffy black kitty.  My ears are real big like a kitten showcat and Mom whispered that one is bigger than the other. Too late she cried to fix that since I was born that way!

I can stand on my own!!

At the end of the day we took all my parts and have a dress rehearsal.  I am rocking it but then what would you expect from a kitty named VON ZIPPER???

Von Zipper is looking more and more like the dream



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