Real Kitty Arms & Legs

I don’t know why mom started on my legs and arms first but that is where it all began.  My fur is a luxurious felt like polar fleece to make sure I stay warm. Any kitty would love to be so black & sleek.

Both the legs and arms started with some math. Mom figured out on her dream drawing that they should be around 3″ long with the legs maybe a bit longer. My arms should be 3/8″ wide and legs about 3/4″.  She told me that is flat so the math becomes how much fabric to make me 3D.  For me it was complicated math but mom sorted it out by making  notes on her pattern pieces and using her quilting board.

Pattern with notes next to arms – one stitched already and stuffing to be used.

Here is my other arm being sewed up full of pins.  Looking back they don’t seem like very pretty arms.  MEOW!!!

Lots of pins used to sew up this little arm

I am a tiny kitty cat so getting the arms (and legs) turned right side out was tough. Mom used a kabob skewer to poke the hand end through my 3″ long limb.

Skewing my arm to get the fur looking right

I was still flat and it took some polyester stuffing that mom found in the closet to give me a chubby well fed cat look. She used the end of her scissors to push it in.  That pokey skewer was too sharp and went right thru my stuffing.

I am getting all stuffed up!!

Lets do a little kitty dance cause now I have two arms.  Oooops… I don’t have legs yet so I can just do a Cheshire Cat ghost smile at this point.

My arms!!! all sleek and black kitty like!

Soon I will have legs and can do my kitty dance.  Same system was used as my arms.  Here we go… hang onto your hats folks as my Mom gets busy.

Two little kitty legs with pattern ready to rock on the sewing machine.

Easier to sew up and turn right side out cause I have no feet yet. Mom told me she has a plan for them.

Legs like little tubes

She dreamed that I should have booties. What girl would not like snakeskin boots?  First we auditioned the fabric to be sure it would look right.

Boot leather!!

She was careful about things and made a little shoe pattern out of paper using a ruler and her best guess.

Got to have a pattern!

Then my boots were cut out and sewed just like big girls!!

Boot & skewer time!!

Next my foot was filled up with nice soft stuffing, attached to the leg and hand sewed with love.  Mom said that I am so tiny she could not always use her big bulky sewing machine.  So I am an old fashion kitty made with needle and thread.

Boot and leg become one!

And like my arms, my legs needed to become chubby!!

More Stuffing needed up in the leg

Hang onto your hats… here is the first picture of me.  All arms and legs just like a little kitty would be!

Kitty Von Zipper has Legs & Arms!! Dancing is possible now

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