Miss Von Zipper gets her Dress

I am a bit of girly kitty and dreamed of an old fashion dress.  My mom made this lovely one for me out of vintage patterned fabric and a ribbon collar.

Check out how it all came together.  It started with a simple pattern made from the dream drawing and then two pieces cut out.  Being careful that the fabric’s pattern was centered and matched on both sides.

My dress all cut out just for me!!

Mom wanted me to have a nice collar so before she sewed up the sides we did a bit of audition on the two choices. One was lace and the other was a nice prim white satin ribbon.  Which one do you like?

Lace Collar Option for my dress.
Silk Ribbon collar option.

We decided that we like the ribbon option the best. That ribbon was super special since it was donated to mom for her face mask project. At one point she was out of elastic and had been making ties manually. This lady gave her a bag of this ribbon tie stuff.  It made quite a few masks before another person donated some elastic & her eBay blue elastic purchase came.

Plus the ribbon had collar like ends as you can see to make the process easier on Mom.

This next picture shows how much great progress was made when Mom sewed up my dress sides and attached my arms.  Then she cut out the collar and did a pin job to temporarily attach my head.  I am feeling a bit dizzy at this point cause all my body parts are being poked and pushed around.

Miss Von Zipper with her collar assembled awaiting install (check out the pattern mom used)

Another picture showing how I am shaping up to the dream.  Hugs for MOM!!

Checking in on vision drawing

We had to take a break for the day at this point and I got to ride in my special tub.  This container holds all my things so far. They range from fur, fabric, trim, my pattern pieces & most important it has all of my parts (arms, legs, head, & dress).

Sitting in what I call my Bed.

The next day we started right off by attaching my head to the dress.  Then I won’t be dizzy anymore just rolling around in the tub bed of mine.

Hand-sewing my head on while I watch.
Mom flipped me over and I had to close my eyes as she finished.

Now we are cooking!!  My head and arms are secured and my dress is taking shape. Next we did some more auditioning on what to do with my petticoat and underwear.  Check out what we picked.

See my new under garments fabric and lace!

Mom wasn’t sure how much lace should be showing so we did a test on the two lengths.  One has all of the beautiful lace showing and was much longer.  The second is what Mom says is just a peek of lace.  See what you think and then I will tell you what we picked.

Lot of lace showing for my petticoat.
Just a little flash of my lace petticoat showing

Next the lace was cut out and made into a little petticoat.  Mom was still not sure how much should show but during the install we can decide.

Just the cutest under slip for me!!

Then the pinning started.  We started with these big flower quilting pins and had to get the length just right.  As you can see we went with less was better.  You see I am a modest little kitty cat with a prime collar and only a peek of petticoat.

We are all pinned and ready for the sewing machine

We have a problem Houston!  That is what Mom said but not sure what that meant.  I do know she was cussing bad words when she got started on the sewing machine.  “Those F$%@& pins were too long and poked.”

Little dress with big pins does not work when machine sewing.

What I love about my mom is she regained her composure and went to what she called Plan B.  Redo the pins with smaller ones and try again.

Lot of pin options to make my dress a success

Trying again we had lift off (Mom was still talking space age lingo)

Little dress with little pins gets lace top-stitched on

My dress is done!!

Dress is finished and my legs are auditioned to see if it all worked right.

Then we danced some more and even took a video this time. Hope you enjoy a little jig with me –  happy Kitty Von Zipper!!

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