Gotta have My Legs

It was great to get the feel of my legs but they were not really there…. So, when Mom started working on attaching them I got real excited!!

It was a process and since there is no pattern for me, we had to figure it out as we went.  We took some of that nice ribbon that the lady gave mom and opened it up. Then ironed it flat.  Perfect size for a pair of underwear and holder of my legs under the dress.

The beginning of my underpants and leg operation.

Easy peasy sewing according to mom and next we stuffed the silkies to just the right plumpness.

All my parts ready to go.

About this time the Inspector General Reggie came by.

Every project needs Cat supervision.

He said get back to work and quit taking my picture. You know cats are camera shy.  So off to the next step. Had to judge how much stuffing was needed so my pantaloons did not show.

First a little bit of polyester filling.
Dress rehearsal of stuffing and underwear. Looks just about right!

Next we had to align my legs to attach them to my panties.  Mom always knew one was longer than the other and now was the time to fix that.  She did not want a gimpy kitty girl!!

My legs were built a little off kilter

Once they were measured Mom got them arranged ready for the next test.  I told you that we had to make this up as we went.

Big daisy pin worked perfect to get everything aligned right.
It all worked!!! Ready for sewing me up.

This next step is not for a sewing machine.  If we did that I would loose my kitty curves and be kind of flat where it all sewed.  Plus mom wasn’t sure the machine would go through all those layers.  She did not even try & instead got her handy needle and thread out.

Stitching me up!

I watched Mom get excited and show Dad how this turned out.  It was just like I had a cute little pair of underwear with my legs poking out.  “Small unexpected things can be so exciting when you are creating” I heard her say.

I am now in two pieces. My legs could almost walk away by themselves.

One more double check to be sure things are all correct.  Nothing frustrates Mom and sets her off to swearing than have to undo sewing with that wicked ripper she has.

A little peek under the skirt and did not have to use the ripper seen on the right.

The next step I could not watch because of all the manhandling.  My dress and arms had to be turned up out of the way so my insides could be operated on.  Mom told me to take a nap.

All ready for the big SEW!!

The plan is to bind the top of the leg/panties piece to the ends of my arms that you see sticking out in the picture above. See why Mom told me to take a nap while I was all turned inside out!!

Serious hand darning was in order to keep Miss Kitty’s underwear not showing.
See how I had Von Zipper blind to anything during this process

We are halfway there with one side done. Next moved onto some more darning on the other side.

More Darning in order

After all those contortions to get my legs attached my dress was wrinkled and looked terrible Mom said.  She said get ready for a little heat.

Pressing my dress was a hot affair!!

And then I was whole!!  Mom said “Miss Kitty Von Zipper you know get to stand-up on the bed and shine like a star!!”  That is because I am a Beautiful Black Kitty Girl!!!

Welcome Kitty Von Zipper to the Big World!

But we are not done yet!!  Mom is busy designing my coat, purse and more clothing!!  What fun to be a clothes cat!!

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