The Von Zipper Fancy Cat Coat

Time to get excited because I now get some cool clothes made. That’s right…  this kitty girl is going to have a wardrobe!!  So, let us get going on the Fancy Cat Coat.

Mom always starts with a pattern. She did a quick drawing using the dress as the base.  First the back and then the two fronts.

Dream coat gets started.

Next Mom made the arms. They are so cool cause they have fur cuffs on them.

Skinny little arms

One problem is the first pair you see above were too tight.  Again, I heard words I cannot repeat coming from my Mom.  Then she calmly made another pair that were quite a bit more roomy.

This coat arm fits a much better!!

Next she sewed up the side seams on the fronts and back of the jacket.  We are ready to attach the arms.

Assembly starts on my super duper coat

Again this is too tiny to use the sewing machine on this sleeve attachment, so you can see the needle & thread ready to go above.

One arm is attached to the kitty cat coat
Close up how Mom hand sewed the arms on

How about our first fitting?  I got to try on the coat & it fit great.  That includes the arm size.

A little taste of how my coat is going to look

We did a little folding and arranging of the neck area.  Mom wanted to ponder how to build the collar.

Collar area is folded down to test how it should look

Oh did I tell you my coat matches my booties!!!

We then moved right along to assembling the collar. Made a pattern, cut out the furry part and then found some lining material for the inside.  Mom said it would be too fat if we used furry on both sides.

Again I heard some cuss words from mom when she melted the lining with an iron.  She had to redo all that but then it was ready to go.  Here is what the attachment process looked like.

Attaching the collar shows you how the lining looks.

We were happy that all of this was done on the sewing machine. That means it will be sturdier and neater in how it lays down.

It is starting to look like a real coat.

Check this out!!  The collar is on and all trimmed up.  Mom got it to lay properly with a little folding & pinching.

90% of the coat is done now!

I could not wait to try it on & here I am glowing at how wonderful it looks.

My second coat fitting

Mom found a little black pin to temporarily use as a button and get the coat to close right. My little lace petticoat is just peeking out too.  I could almost dance at this point.

Do I look great in this coat or what?

Next we had to do a few things like trim the back. Dad told Mom that my lace should show all the way around so she took the scissors to it.

One other thing was she had meant to hem the front and bottom but this fabric looked so good without the hem. So, we decided to not do the hemming.

Just a little on the back… kind of like a hair cut.

Then there was some digging around in Mom’s stash of sewing stuff. We found a nice black bead.  It was part of a broken necklace she had put into a ziplock back to reassemble.  Plus she found a little snap in a jar she keeps stray pins, buttons and things in.

The little snap was perfect for my coat & here it is getting sewed on.

This sewing all happened while I was in the coat. Mom said “Just relax and this will be over soon”.

All Done!!!

Next the black bead button got sewed on.  Again this was done while I was wearing the coat to make sure it fit perfect.

Button Time!!

Are you ready for some great photos of my finished “Fancy Cat Coat”?

My coat from the front – check out the fur collar & cuffs!!  Super fancy!!
This is what the back looks like. It is just as great as the front. Mom does great work!

Then I got to go outside and climb into a tree!  What else would a kitty girl do in her new coat?

My beauty photo in the tree!!

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