A Little Red Purse that Every Kitty Wants

I have to start by giving my Dad credit here.

But first let us start with the dream board that prompted my creation that had a little purse.  It was pretty cute and followed the Knitting Kitty’s theme.  Her purse was grey with a kitty face and had inside her knitting supplies.  Here is a little reminder photo for you.

Dream Purse from Knitting Kitty

Mom was thinking of making a purse to match my snake skin coat. Perhaps a bit of fringe or fur trim.  Yes Mom is a bit of a hippie-biker girl and she thinks like that.  I do forgive her by the way… Heeheehhheee!!

Dad had a better idea and I am so glad Mom listened to his designer instincts.  He said RED purse.  So Mom went looking for red fabric and here we go.

I am laughed at Mom when she said… “We are doing this by the seat of our pants”.  What does that mean?  I have no pants and Mom seems to wear those stretching yoga pant things.  Hmmm… I will let you know if I figure that out.

We started with the red furry fabric and drum roll…… a pattern!!

Piece of red fabric showing pattern and purse pieces

Then we cut out two different straps.  Mom was not sure about how wide to make it so she did auditions on this important feature.  I have to say the fabric is not only like my luxurious black fur but as Mom pointed out it does not require hemming.  That is so helpful with the smallness of my wardrobe.

Two widths for 1/2″ and 1/4″. No folding or sewing needed!

Now the two auditions – first the fat one.

Fat strap that looks like I am Miss America!

I was not happy with the first fat one.  I think it makes me look like I am in a beauty pageant or some such contest.

1/4″ strap test run. Looks just about right!

Oh this skinny one is perfect to my kitty senses.  And look at how it contrasts to my super duper coat.  Dad is so right.

I heard my parents talking in the background.  Dad told Mom he is always right and she just made some funny sound under her breath.  Sort of a Hummmpphhh sound.  Not sure what all that is about?

Next with my little kitty hands and moms nimble fingers we pinned the purse together with those cool daisy pins.

Mock up of my Hot Red Purse!

We fussed around with how to sew it. At first Mom had the straps inside the pinned version.  Since I am getting the hang of sewing now I pointed out to her that they needed to be on the outside.  That way when it is turned the raw ends will be hidden. Gosh …. Maybe Dad is right!!  Hmmmphhrp!

We did another audition at this point & Mom said I was right!  I WON this one!

Another quick look before we sew my purse up.

I let Mom do the sewing since my little paws might get hurt.  I think the sewing machine is more scary than the evil seam ripper.

The Machine at work.. Watch out!!

Here we get to see how right I was about the straps being on the outside of the reverse side during sewing.

My Purse ready to turn right side out

And now we will reveal the finished product.  Wasn’t that easy?  Or maybe Mom makes it look easy!!

My Pretty Red Purse REVEALED!!

Of course I begged Mom for a happy Dance but first she made me do the usual standing still photo opt!

Can you see me dancing inside as I show off my new red purse?

One final shot…  But before I show you Mom did tell me that once we get the little gift package finished I could do another video.  Maybe even outside in the flowers!!  See you there!

Close up of my little red purse and Mom’s simple but clever pattern.

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