Red Kitty Boots from Hell

Dad not only encouraged Mom to make a red purse but also red boots.  I got super excited about that idea and Mom worked on them the same day as the purse.

It seemed pretty simple.  Mom took my snake boot pattern and the same fur like red fabric and started making them.  I told her they needed to be tall and hide my permanent shoes.  Here is what that first step looked like.

One boot all cut out.

We decided to only do one boot at a time. Dad was telling Mom what to do with the heel so we were doing more of that “By the Seat of my Pants” work with a bit of “Auditioning” thrown in.  (Can you see I am learning new words every day?)

First Boot all sewed up

Mom tried to do a little heel like Dad said on this basic boot.  I heard Mom cussing over at the sewing machine.  At first I thought she was having trouble with the pins but instead it was this heel thing.

Next we turned it out and checked out the heel feature.

Do you see a heel?

I think there is a little bump but they still look like those ugly boots humans call UGGS.  Mom was not very happy with this but she tried them on me anyway.

My ugly boots front view
Side view of the first red boot Mom tried to make

I got drug around the living room for Dad to see.  He agreed that this was not his vision and like me he said they were just plain ugly!!

There was some discussion between the three of us on the next step and Mom gave it another try. This pattern had a definite heel.

Round two red boot pattern

I really liked this version. They were super cool red and had a snowflake on the sides. Mom proceeded to sew them up with a certain amount of excitement.

All pinned up my high heel red boots
Two boot samples side by side – see the heeled version?

You may think the heeled boots look cute.  Mom had trouble with the heels from the beginning.  When she turned them out they were way too big and she poked them back in several times trying to get them right.  Dad started making those HmmHmmPhaaa  sounds even.

The next step was to see what they look like on.  Let me know what you think before I tell you what I think.

Front View of Heeled Red Boots

Not bad from the front  but not great.  They are way too big and even make the UGG version look good.  Here is the side view next.

Side view of Red Boots from HELL!

You heard me!!  I said HELL Hell hELL  HELL!!!   No you did not hear me mispronounce Heel either.  Guess I learned a few of those curse words Mom likes to use.

So… in the end all three of us abandoned the red boots to live in my tub of stuff along with the too skinny coat arms.  Mom’s Pollyanna Comment was “A try is better than no Try at all”.

My Tub now holds the Red Boots from HELL



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