A Surprise in My Red Purse

Mom teased me with what she was going to put in my cutest little red purse. She called it the Surprise Gift. Today we get to see what she is holding back from me.

I think Dad had some say in this but Mom is not talking.  She said something weird like “Mum is the Word”.  What does a flower have to do with this?  or is it going to be flowers?  Remember how she said I could dance outside in the flowers!!!

Let’s get going!!

The little package started with more of that creamy silky ribbon that was donated to Mom’s face mask project.  Guess it was good enough for my collar and underwear it can be my purse surprise too.

Silky ribbon is going to make my little package

As you can see Mom cut off a bit of the ribbon too big for the purse. She said to me it gives her plenty of room to …. wait cover your ears cause she said a cuss word again.  “F^#@*& It Up”.   Oh Dear…  If Grandma was alive she would box Mom’s ears & come to think of it Dad’s too.  (what does box ears mean? Can anyone tell me?)

Next we got that skewer out and poked in one side.  Mom sewed that up with a little white thread.  We debated to stuff it or not but when the first audition happened it seemed to have enough shape.  Don’t want a fat baby that did not fit.

The poker was handy in getting the top all tidy

When Mom sewed up the little package she started to shape it.  Not until we did the second audition, which included testing the overall size, did I see that maybe the surprise was a little doll.

Mom formed up a little doll with ears!!

We took out the surprise and Mom did some more work on forming up the head and face.

My little friend is shaping up.

Once she got the head just about right I agreed with her we did not need any stuffing.  My guess was I might have a little Casper the Ghost in my purse.  Mom just laughed at me and called me a silly girl.

A Pin face is tested and accepted by the judges

Now my guess was a little bear!!  See how cute he is!!!  Lets move along to how a face was sewed up.  Those pins are important for not just seeing what the creation will be but making the face balanced.

My surprise is rather pokey with all those pins- OUCH!!

I caught Mom looking at my nose and then she took the some pink embroidery thread to make a cute little mouth/nose thingy.

The nose was first.

Eyes are the window to the soul.  What?  More Momisms to sort out.  She just keeps talking in a language I don’t understand.  But I am a quick learner.

French Knots make the best little black eyes.

Then Mom laid me down close to the little bear like package.  Not sure what she was doing but then she next sewed whiskers on.  Then she gave me the little doll she had created.  It sure looked like a little kitty not a bear!!  OMG she made me a kitty doll!!  A doll for the doll.  How cool is that.

My Mini Me Doll!

Then she took my friend away and tested her in my little red purse.  Oh was I a happy camper (where did that come from? That sounds like Mom’s weird phrases are catching.)

My Surprise Package is complete!!

Now the fun really begins.  I get to model my new clothes and accessories.  My first pose on the stage was a full view with my coat & purse.

Miss Kitty Von Zipper modeling her coat and purse.

How about a great closeup of my new purse and Kitty Mini Me?

My coat & purse with kitty doll are super special.

Then Mom who said she loves to play with dolls and their clothes took my jacket off and set me up for another photo opp.

Oh.. my Purse matches my little dress perfect.

Dad was so right about the red purse.  Look at how it goes with my old fashion patterned dress so perfect.

Remember how Mom said I could dance in the flowers once she got the little package finished.  Well she next posed me in some crochet flowers she has been building.

Not what I was expecting and I let her have it.  She calmly said it is raining outside.  My real flower dance will have to happen later.

I heard her whisper to Dad she is going to set up music and a tripod for the camera.  Privately I was thinking that is a lot of work for just a little flower fun.  Life should be simple.

Flower Power for Von Zipper


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