Sunday go to Meeting Purple Dress Finale

Today I have come to the final chapter of  my blog.  Perhaps later in the future I will do an update. Mom said that I will be free to roam without supervision just like any kitty.  Mom has been so sweet to sew me up but she said she had to let me go out on my own.

We left off where my little purple dress was half done. The next step is to sew up that cowl collar.

First attempt of collar

Can you see how the fabric for the collar came up short when Mom pinned it to the dress top?  I bet you know already that there were a few cuss words at this point. Mom can’t help herself when she does “stupid” things. This time she cut the collar too short by a lot. Thank goodness we had more fabric to try again.

Ahhhh.. This time we got it right.

It is now time for the Third Audition.  Mom was extra happy that she worked through her F&#A$@-Up.

Here I am … so CUTE!!
And the back view of my dress top. Super!! Duper!!

Next we tackled the skirt part. Mom told me she had cut this extra big to not have the problem she had with the collar. She was right it was the size of a mini tent. But first Mom fixed up the opening with more facing.

My skirt with the facing that will allow me to get into my dress

Then Mom did her first whack at sewing up the sides.  I had to ask her why she whacked my dress and all she did was laugh about smacking it around.

I am a brave kitty and got real close to the sewing machine.

Now it is time for another fitting.  Mom said this was an important one because it would set the stage for how the dress would fit and look.  I asked her if she was going to build me a stage and she just went SHHHSHHH!!!

The skirt was a huge TENT!

See how really big the bottom of the dress is?  HUGE!!!  TENT!!  that is what I said when we pinned it on.  Mom agreed and next sewed it up a bit more after putting her ruler on me again.

See how much she increased the seam size?

Now time for the fourth audition.  We had to not only make sure the skirt fit now but also where the waist line should be.  Should it be up high in my armpits or down at my real waist?

Empire waist line test moment
2nd try was at my Natural Waist Line

All three of us (Dad, Mom & me) agreed that we liked the lower natural waist version.  It gave the dress more room for buttons and just looked more like a dress than a sack.  Next we checked the back opening to be sure it was right.

The openings of the skirt and top mesh correctly

Next I got to watch the two pieces get pinned together.  I was a bit nervous cause this is the step where Mom most often screwed things up and started using her not so magical words.  But all was well as you can see in this photo.

Ready to sew my dress together.

When I least expected it the nasty words erupted from over at the sewing machine.  Mom said that it was a rare chance thing that the sewing machine hit the pin dead on & bent it really bad.

Bent Pin – at least it did not poke mom!

We got through that difficult moment and Mom showed me how good my little Purple Dress looked.

I have a dress – all that is left is the finishing touches
Back of my dress looks just as good as the front

Mom said we are really close to being done.  Just have to hem the skirt, add my buttons & sew on the Velcro to hold the back closed.

There was some discussion between Mom & Dad on how long it should be.  He teased us that he did not think I would look good in a mini skirt. That I was not a floozy cat.  (mini & floozy???  what the heck is that all about?)

Mom pressed the hem so she could cut it down some
All hemmed up – Dad said it was just right.. NO floozy cat here

Buttons Buttons Buttons!!  Which shall it be.  Here are the options.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
Beads off of a broken bracelet of Mom’s.

We picked the beads over the diamonds.  That fits my wild kitty girl attitude best.

Now we will sew on the velcro.  Mom picked that instead of snaps or buttons for two reasons.  First it will be easy to slip off and on and cause she had no snaps.

Hand sewing the velcro pieces on
Two sets of velcro will keep my dress perfect

Mom worked hard at getting the buttons just right. She whipped out that ruler again to measure the distance between them. I would have just plopped them on but she is a stickler for making things look right.

Button alignment time
All Buttoned UP!!

Are you ready for the Finale?  Time to put my dress on and model it for you in it’s purple glory!!

Purple Dress with my super cut Red Purse – What more could a Kitty Want!

Good Bye for Now!!  Stay Safe and Be Happy!!  Dance & Smile MORE!


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