That Little Kitty visits Coal Creek Waterfall

Miss Kitty Von Zipper and I got away on Wednesday to Cougar Mountain Regional Park. Specifically our destination was the Coal Creek Waterfall. I had been there many times but Zipper had not. We had a great time and got lots of fresh air on a cool but sunny December day.

We started out by taking the Cave Holes Trail. This is an area where the miners took out the final coal pillars and the mines collapsed. As time went on (100 to 50 years) the surface fell into these big holes. A lot filled up with water and created big dangerous ponds.

Check out the sign!! Scary Place to Tread

On our way we stopped to admire the moss on a small grove of vine maples. She wanted to go climbing like any good kitty would. Got this great snapshot of her up in the moss.

Miss Kitty enjoying her tree climbing.

Along the Waterfall trail we came across this huge cedar stump. About 100 years ago they logged this area and left us this remnant. It reminds us of the old growth trees that existed here before coal was found. What a great place for Zipper to sharpen her claws so I could not stop her from climbing up on the tree stump.

A kitty on her forest adventure.
Zipper posing for the camera!!

Then we could hear the waterfall and creek rushing. Excitment and a certain forest energy that we all crave was in the air. At the bottom of the falls was a huge log and our kitty girl was attracted to it. You know cats love to be up high.

Enjoying the Waterfall

Then we crossed the small bridge. On our return trip I realized it was broken. Either it just got old or one of the winter storms washed a log up against it. BAM!! It busted either way.

Little bridge with broken railing at Coal Creek
Miss Zipper enjoying the bridge

Then we got a close up of the waterfall. Enjoy the rushing water sounds in the video and of course admire Miss Von Zipper’s lovingly winter coat.

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